Bible Truths Level C

These lectures were created for the Bible Truths Level C curriculum from BJU Press and are free to use outside of my own courses.

Note for Teachers

The lectures follow along with the teacher and student editions, but do not necessarily duplicate the structure outlined in the teacher's edition.

Unit 1 The Birth of the Church

Lesson 1 The Power of Pentecost

Lesson 1.1

Lesson 1.2

Lesson 1.3

Lesson 2 Withstanding Persecution

Lesson 2.1

Lesson 2.2

Lesson 2.3

Lesson 3 Sin in the Church

Lesson 3.1

Lesson 3.2

Lesson 4 Ministry in the Church

Lesson 4.1

Lesson 4.2

Lesson 5 Supreme Sacrifice

Lesson 5.1

Lesson 5.2

Lesson 5.3

Unit 2 The Growth of the Church

Lesson 6 A Willing Messenger

Lesson 6.1

Lesson 6.2

Lesson 6.3

Lesson 7 Persecutor's Conversion

Lesson 7.1 The Necessity of Conversion

Lesson 7.2 The Process of Conversion

Lesson 7.3 The Results of Conversion

Lesson 8 A Benevolent Lady

Lesson 8.1 Benevolence Exemplified

Lesson 8.2 Benevolence Rewarded

Lesson 9 Salvation for Gentiles

Lesson 9.1 Prejudice Removed

Lesson 9.2 Equality Confirmed

Lesson 9.3 Opposition Silenced

Lesson 10 Rescued from Prison

Lesson 10.1 The Church Under Fire

Lesson 10.2 A Miraculous Release

Lesson 10.3 God's Enemies Destroyed

Lesson 10.4 The Church Multiplied

Unit 3A Paul's First Missionary Journey

Lesson 11 The Swelling Tide

Lesson 11.1 God's Messengers Prepared

Lesson 11.2 God's Messengers Commissioned

Lesson 11.3 God's Messengers Empowered

Lesson 12 Conflict in Asia

Lesson 12.1 Primary Causes of Envy

Lesson 12.2 Destructive Results of Envy

Lesson 12.3 Proper Responses to Envy

Lesson 13 The Jerusalem Council

Lesson 13.1 The Attack

Lesson 13.2 The Deliberation

Lesson 13.3 The Declaration

Unit 3B Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Lesson 14 Macedonian Call

Lesson 14.1 The Disagreement

Lesson 14.2 A Faithful Companion

Lesson 14.3 A New Destination

Lesson 15 Faith in Philippi

Lesson 15.1 Background

Lesson 15.2 The Ministry of Witnessing

Lesson 15.3 Conversion

Lesson 15.4 Evidences of Salvation

Lesson 16 Reactions to the Gospel

Lesson 16.1 Opposition to the Gospel

Lesson 16.2 Earnest Consideration of the Gospel

Lesson 16.3 Philosophical Debate About the Gospel

Lesson 17 Encouragement at Corinth

Lesson 17.1 Friendships and Good News

Lesson 17.2 Conversions

Lesson 17.3 Divine Assurances

Lesson 17.4 Legal Victories

Unit 3C Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Lesson 18 Revival in Ephesus

Lesson 18.1 Instruction

Lesson 18.2 Persistence

Lesson 18.3 Power

Lesson 18.4 Repentance

Lesson 18.5 Opposition

Lesson 19 Faithful Service

Lesson 19.1 Consistency

Lesson 19.2 Humility

Lesson 19.3 Compassion

Lesson 19.4 Zeal

Lesson 19.5 Courage and Selflessness

Lesson 20 Journey to Jerusalem

Lesson 20.1 Paul's Decision

Lesson 20.2 Paul's Distractions

Paul's Journey to Rome

Lesson 21 Paul the Accused

Lesson 21.1 Where False Accusations Come From

Lesson 21.2 Why False Accusations Gain Acceptance

Lesson 21.3 How Christians Should Respond to False Accusations

Lesson 22 Paul the Abused

Lesson 22.1 Evidences of Corruption

Lesson 22.2 Refusal to Repent

Lesson 23 Paul the Castaway

Lesson 23.1 Using Proper Caution

Lesson 23.2 Making Necessary Preparations

Lesson 23.3 Trusting in God's Promise and Relying on God's Power

Lesson 24 Paul the Martyr

Lesson 24.1 The Gospel Messenger

Lesson 24.2 The Gospel Message

Unit 4 The Book of Galatians

Lesson 25 Standing for the Truth

Lesson 25.1 The Gospel Message

Lesson 25.2 The Gospel Messenger

Lesson 26 Heirs According to the Promise

Lesson 26.1 The Primacy of Faith

Lesson 26.2 The Insufficiency of the Law

Lesson 26.3 The Danger of Deception

Lesson 27 Walking in the Spirit

Lesson 27.1 The Conflict Between Flesh and Spirit

Lesson 27.2 Walk in the Spirit